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A donation to the Mt. Emily Safe Center will have a huge impact on the children and families we serve.  The Mt. Emily Safe Center provides free well-child exams to every child referred for our services.  These exams cost our Center in staff time, supplies, and Medical Provider time.  Mt. Emily Safe Center also has a counselor on-site to provide free counseling services to those victims of abuse seen in our Center.The Average time of a complete evaluation at Mt. Emily Safe Center is two hours per child, which can make for a long day for families with multiple children.  We like to make our families feel as comfortable as possible, and so the Center maintains a well-stocked refrigerator and snack drawer, and we also provide lunch for the children and families if they are at our Center for an extended period of time.  There is also a playroom full of toys, movies, and video games to keep the children entertained during their visit.

Current Project:  June-September 2014


Thank you for your donation!